Please email Sierra at for status or configuration updates.

Process Equipment Status Comments
Deposition Amod Evaporator Status Online Online  
Angstrom Sputter System Status Online Online Config: mixed shields
Modulab Evaporator Status Online Online  
EvoVac Evaporator Status Online Online Config: mixed shields
Etching Oxford ICP Status OnlineOnline

7/22/2020: We are allowing users access to the tool. Use must be supervised for the immediate future, so please reserve the tool in advance and coordinate with staff.

7/1/2020: We got the new clamp ring installed, and have had the tool working. However, we have now had 3 random power failures. We are looking into a UPS for the tool, have  contacted MSU facilities, and have started working on Oxford's troubleshooting procedures. Please email Andy if you have any questions.

5/29/2020: Tool was off and would not pump down. Ben and I decided it was an appropriate time to change the clamp ring and fix the other problems we saw on the tool.

March 1703 Status Offline Offline  
PVA Tepla Ion 10 Status Online Online  
Packaging Microautomation 1006 Dicing Saw Status Online Online  
K&S 4523AD Wedge Bonder Status Online Online

Config:30 degree Al wedge, Deep Access Mode

AML Wafer Bonder Status Online Online Config: graphite platen
 Lithography   AB-M Contact Aligner Status Online Online  
YES III Vapor Prime Oven Status Online Online  
Solvent/Headway Spinner Bench Status Online Online  
EMS Hotplate Status Online Online  
TrioTech Hotplate Status Online Online  
Brewer Cee 100CB Status Offline Offline

7/1/2020 – Geneva has shipped this back to the vendor. It looks unlikely that we will pay to have it fixed.

12/3/2019 – No one has been pushing on this tool, so I plan to leave it in limbo until we get a few other high priority purchases made, e.g. AMOD pump spares.

Laurell Spinner Status Online Online  
Metrology Ambios XP2 Status OnlineOnline 3/22/2020 – Laser installed and tested.
Wetbenches Acid Process Wetbench Status Online Online  
Oxidation Diffusion Wetbench Status Online Online  
Miscellaneous ATV PEO 603 Status Online Online  
MRL Oxidation Status Online Online  
Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner Status Online Online