The MMF facility comprises three separate areas: the EPS cleanroom, the Cobleigh process cleanroom and the Cobleigh packaging room. The EPS facility is a 1500 sq. ft. lab consisting of a class 1000 lithography area and a class 1000 general processing area. The Cobleigh process facility is a 500 sq. ft. class 10,000 lab that is home to MMF’s PVD deposition tools and the packaging room is a 200 sq. ft., class 10,000 softwall cleanroom. The labs are located in adjacent, connected buildings.

Access to the MMF facility is restricted to authorized users. To become a user the project proposal form and user information form must be submitted to the MMF manager for approval. Upon approval, cleanroom safety and protocol training can be scheduled. After passing the safety and protocol test users can schedule training on the specific tools necessary for their project. Click here for additional information regarding project and user forms.

Usage fees may be found on the Fees Page