Process Description
Step Height thickness measurement Step heights from 50A to 400um can be made using a computer controlled stylus profilometer. The stylus force can be adjusted so polymers samples such as photoresist can be measured.
Spin Dryer Operation

Operating Instructions

  1. Make sure that the MAIN and SYS lights are green on the oxidation wet bench.
  2. Turn on the appropriate controller for the SRD bowl using the ON/OFF switch.
  3. While pressing the Door Release Latch button, open the desired door and insert wafer or mask holder cassette. Close door while still holding the Door Release Latch button until door is secure.
  4. Press Start button for desired spin rinse dryer.
Wafer grip removal

To release wafers bonded using Dyantex wafergrip a specialized solvent called Stripaid is used. An attached PDF provides process detail for the use of this solvent. Be aware that the order of steps is very important, acetone evaporates quickly so a fast transfer into 2-proponal (isoproponal) is crucial, else residue may dry on the substrate that will prove difficult to remove.
Remember to have the following bath ready before removing wafers from solution for all the steps.

Shield Change for Amod Evaporator
  1. Turn off the water chiller located in the service perimeter, This must be turned off to prevent glycol leaks
  2. Vent the main chamber
  3. Turn off all pumps
  4. Remove all foil
  5. Remove the shields that are lining the chamber. There are 9 of these and you need to detach the sample shutter and the glow discharge rod to remove the ceiling shields
  6. Unscrew the bolts securing the copper plate covering the crucible liners. Remove this and place to the side, making sure to keep track of the two o-rings